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About Me

My goal as a breeder is to breed healthy and breed typical individuals who has a good mentality and will become good show and family dogs.


Our Story

My first encounter with the breed Collie was when I first saw Lassie on TV. This gorgeous breed fascinated me and I understood there and then that if I were ever to have a dog it would be a Collie.

Time went by, and the thought of having a dog didn’t cross my mind much at the time.

The day when we were to move from came and the coincidence had it so that our new neighbours was actually breeding Collies.

When I saw all these beautiful Collies at our neighbours it didn’t take long until I started nagging my mother and father about getting my own Collie.

Time kept flying by and it wasn’t until 2006 that we received a message if we were interested in a tiny Collie bitch on co owning, and of course the answer was YES!

When the puppy was six weeks, we went for the trip down to Hof (a thirty-minute drive) to say hi to our new family member. In the litter, there was six puppies: four males and two bitches.

I lifted the smaller of the two bitches and I fell for her immediately and knew that she had to be mine even though it wasn’t decided at the time.

After another four weeks, they told us we could come to pick up our new family member and bring her home. We had already established what her name would be, Alice (pedigree name Ciruto’s Alice In Wonderland). She answered every bit of expectation I had and so much more!


From the day I started the adventure it has never stopped. I still, to this day, pick up and learn new things from Alice even though it’s soon 9 years since we first met. She never seizes to surprise!

I am forever grateful to the breeder, our neighbour, who got us in touch, and of course, my loving mother who let me get this fantastic companion.

I could never ever have a gotten a better dog or friend, she is irreplaceable!

As the years passed by, my interest in dogs and breeding kept growing and I kind of felt like I wanted another, smaller breed on the side of doing Collie.

There was this one day I met a stunning Chinese Crested Powder Puff bitch and I fell for this breed just as I did with the Collie.

I immediately started doing research and my conclusion being that this breed suited me perfectly!

It didn’t take long until I found a compatible breeder who shared several of the same values that I regard as important.

Not long after, I could see myself as the proud co owner of Sunstreaker Losing My Religion “Sophie”. She is a gorgeous little bitch with a superb temper. Now Sophie is 3 years and what 3 year it has been. In the show ring she has done tings I would not have believed, she has gained several CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed, group placement and BEST IN SHOW placement and she continues to surprise me!

I am now the proud owner of Kennel Classic Beauty and I will be breeding both Collie and Chinese Crested.

My goal as a breeder is to breed healthy puppies with a good mentality and that follows the breed standards. In addition, makes amazing family canines!

To work with dogs is my passion and I do all I can to make sure my four legged family members stay healthy and happy!


               and adventure continues.....

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