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2018 all of it

So where do I start, 2018 has been quit a year.

I gusse we start at the begining. It actually started in desember 2017 at the Swedish winner show. Sophie was entered at this show because we neede to get the Crufts qualification since I had forgotten and applied for her international champion title. So it was now or never.

Sophie was amazing in the ring and was best bitch, Swedish winner 2017 and with that also qualified for Crufts 2018.

So now everything we neede was finally in place for us go to Crufts!

This has always been such a big dream of mine to show a dog at Crufts but not only "a dog" but the first dog for me to show her to be Sophie is just amazing. She is the reason I got so into the world of dog showing. She just keep showing me how much she can do and just givs me more and more in the ring.

Now we only had to wait for March to come.

But in the meantime in february we went to the first of the year her in Norway. At the show I had pland to get Katie and Emliy's eyes examined and to get Katie tested for patella luxation. With Emily everything was as expected. But with Katie not everything was ok. Katie has grad 1 patella luxation. For Katie these does not meen katie can't have a great life but i mens she can't go into breeding. I don't know how to explain it but I always had this feeling that she was never going to have puppies. So it wasn't a shock to me when the vet told me. But this also ment I did not have any Chinese Crested to breed in the future. But just a few days after this something popped up on my Facebook feed. It was a ad for a planed puppy litter. And this combination just caught my eye.

It was kennel Jean Dark that was planning this combination. Kennel Jean Dark is a kennel I know for some time and I always loved ther dogs and how they think when they bring a litter in to this world. I know there is alot of planning to get the best combination they can. Another ting I know they set high in there breeding is temperament and healt, something that is so important to me as well. It didn't take many hours before i send them a message and said that I was very interested in a little puppy and hopefully a powder puff girl. And it didn't take long before I go an answer and it was YES!

So the long wait beggun!

Finally March was her and it was time to start our journey to the worlds bigest dog show, CRUFTS!!!

My friends Maria and Kristian was so nice that they tok Sophie with them on the long drive to England. This ment that Sophie had to leave a couple of day before me. I hate not travel with my dogs and but there is no one else I trust more to tak care of my sweet girl then Maria and Kristian.

There drive to England went smoth and that thursday I flu over and join them. It was so amazing to walk in to the NEC and see all the show rings and the Crufts signs all over.

On friday Maria showed her beautiful Podencos and did absolutely amazing an her boy Bandit went all the way to BEST OF BREED for the second year in a row!!!

It was so fun to watch and later that day I was so lucky to come with Maria and Bandit backstage while they waited for the group.

So cool to watch how they do things at Crufts and to see the intervjus with the winners and everything.

The next day it was our turn to enter the green carpet.

It's funny to stand outside the ring and just wait for the ringsteward to call your class when all I was thinking was now it's finally happning and then as you enter the ring you forget where you are and witch show and it's just me and Sophie doing our thing!

In open class there was 22 enterd and Sophie was among top 9. She was flying thru the ring and showed that she belonged here. I could not be more proud of my one and only Sophie.

We had an amazing time and meet so many new and old friends and we are definitely going back!

Then came April and with that came Alice's 12 birthday. I'v been so lucky to have my girl Alice with me for 12 years. She was the start of everything and is the reason why I have all my girls now and why I have been so lucky to experienced all of this. I'm so grateful everyday that I have all my girls and for everything they show me and teaches me.

For my birthday I decided that we neede a new and better car. So we got a Caddy Maxi and it is perfect for us. But then later that day we got at message that 6 beautiful and healthy puppies was born 3 boys and 3 girls. I was so happy and on my birthday. And then I got some pictures and there she was my little Mia, just so perfect. But there where still weeks and weeks til I was going to meet her but I just knew she would fit perfect in, in our pack.

A puppy and my dream caron my birthday how did I get this lucky.

The weeks went by and late april I enterd Katie for a show. She did great and was best bitch and BOS.

We also started the wait for Emily to come in to heat and hopefully she would have some puppies.

Late may Emily finally came into heat and we could start planning our trip to Sweden and her date with the gorgeous Power. We also had the Norwegian Chinese Crested Club spciality show.

Sophie and Katie was enterd her. Both girls did so well in the heat (it was about 30 degrees) Sophie was best champion bitch and 3 best bitch. Kaite was showend by my friend Eva and got excellent and was 3 best champion bitch. We had a great time at the spciality show and it was so fun to meet so many of our chinese crested friends.

The day after we went to Sweden and had successful mating with Emily and Power. So now we just had to wait and see.

Finally the big day was here and me, Eva and Ann-kristin went on our way to bring our girls home. I was getting my sweet little Mia and Eva and Ann-kristin was getting her sister Elli. So after months of waiting I finally got to meet Mia and she was everything and more. I'm so grateful to her breeders Jeanett and Felicia for letting me have these sweet girl. She has since day one turned everything upside down her at home and we are loveing every minute of it

At the end on June me and Eva packed our bags and headed to Trondheim and the internasjonal dog show. I was showing Sophie and Eva was showing her girl Candy.

We had a great weekend and Eva showed Candy to perfection and to a new Champion!

Sophie also did great and was 4 best bitch behind Candy.

When we got home I desided that Katie neede a hair cut and woops Katie went from powder puff to naked. She needed a brake and her coat neede to start over again. So she got to enjoy the summer with out her coat.

The summer went by and so we enterd August and Emily getting closer and closer to her due date.

Late at night 2 of august she started going into labor and on the 3 of august Emily gave birth to one blue merle girl and a tricolor boy. Both healty and perfect. Emily did such a great job. A funny thing was that while I was helping Emily with her puppies my freind Maria called and told that her podenco bitch had just given birth to puppies aswell.

Time flies when you have puppies and you just have to blink and 8 weeks has passed and the puppies are ready to leave and go to there new families. Both Chillie (the girl) and Sjarm (the boy) has gone to 2 great families and are going to have a wonderful life with there humans.

The rest of the year did go by so fast.

In september me and Eva again packed our bags but this time we went to Sweden and to the Swedish chinese crested club specialty show. I was going to show Sophie and Mia. This was going to be Mia's first show.

Eva was showing Jazz and Elli. Mia did super and was 2 in her class behind her sister Cora who later was Best In Show puppy and behind Mia was Elli. So 1 - 3 was the sisters. So much fun to see these girls running in the ring and loveing every minute.

Sophie did also great and was 4 best champion bitch behind some absolutely gorgeous bitches.

Mia was also nominated for best movment and was among the last 4 in this competition.

Mia and Elli was BIS Siblings and Mia, Elli and Cora was BIS puppy litter class.

After our trip to Sweden we had som more shows. Sophie and Mia showed there pwas off at all the shows and the results was as following:

Sophie: 4 Best of Breed out of 6 shows

Sophie was also 2 best bitch at the Nordic winner show just turnd 7 years old.

Mia: 3 Best of Breed and 3 Best of Opposite out of 6 shows

Mia was also among top 6 puppies in group 9 at the Nordic winner show.

Going thru the year it has been quite a year. I'm so lucky to have such an opportunity to travel with my dogs and be with my best friends at the same time.

I can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for us. I hope to show Mia, Sophie, Emily and maybe Katie and maybe we get some more puppies here during 2019.

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