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There and back again and again

As usual, it has been a while since the last update and much has happened since then.

We can start with Emily. After a quick trip to the in rogaland where Emliy became BOS and took both CAC and CACIB we went for a in Bø, with a big hope that Emily might be able to take the last CAC and become Champion and OMG she did it in style and become BOB and new Norwegian champion.

My blue beauty final a champion.

Then the time came for our great trip abroad. I, Sophie and Katie together with our good friends Eva from kennel Girls Girls and her 2 dogs Candy and Jazz was going to Danmark and the Danish winner show and then we are heading off to Germany and the WORLD DOG SHOW in Leipzig. This is a trip we had been waiting for and planned for almost 2 years. The results in Denmark were not quite big but it was a great warming up to the world winner show. So when Monday came, we again sat down behind the wheel and headed for Germany. On Tuesdays we arrived at our hotel in Leipzig and could finally park the car and leave it until we started the long journey home again. We stayed at a superb hotel within walking distance to the show ground. Wednesday it was time for German winner. Eve had enterd Jazz so we had to go and see and root for them. We had a great time and it was so surreal to see where the World dog show was going to be in just a couple of days.

The days went by and suddenly it is the night before the big day and me and Eve are getting our girls ready for the big day.

Then big day is her and we are off to the show. There are 2 rings and 2 judges for the Chinese Crested, one for the crested and one for the powder puffer.

With an entry of about 200 Chinese Crested's you know it's going to be an exciting day.

The day goes by and it is soon it's our turn. First out is Eva with Candy. It's all super and Candy wins the intermediate class and is going in to the best bitch competition later to competit for the World Winner titiel.

Then it's Sophie's turn she is competing in champion class. Sophie rocks the ring and wins a very strong champion class and is later going into the best bitch class.

Then it's katie's turn. She is going into open class. and after the judge is done going over the dogs and we are waiting for her to decide

and then I really can not believe it when she again points in my direction and Katie wins open class.

All our girls will now enter compete for the World Winner title.

Me and Eve do not quite understand what has happened, but we are getting ready again and going into the ring.

Elin from kennel Sirocco is helping me showing Katie in the best bitch competition.

Round and round we run while the judge is studying the dogs. Then judge pickes out a naked bitch, but then he picks out Katie, he is wants to see them together. Then he points to naked bitch as the winner of the CACIB and the World winner titiel. But but we aren't done yet because they are still going to hand out the res.cacib. And again we have to run around and around and then he has decided and I see he goes to Katie! My Kaite! My little white beauty will be the reserve WORLD WINNER 2017.

I really do not understand what has happened.

200 Chinese Crested were enterd and we had 3 of the best puff bitches and my katie took the reserve WORLD WINNER title home.

This was a trip none of us would forget. Not only did we have a great trip and met many new and old friends, but our dogs showed their best side and brought top results home.

So after we got home we had a couple of weeks to relax befor our next trip abroad. This time it was Sweden and Swedish winner. I'm only showing Sophie this time and again it's Eva we are traveling with and her Candy and Jazz.

This show is very important to me and Sophie because this is our last chance and qualify for Crusm 2018.

Sophie is an international champion but the registration is not done yet so she needs this qualification to get to show at Crufts.

We come down one day in advance as usual. This time we take the train. It is so nice and easy to take the train. We get on the train in Oslo and 6 hours later we get off in Stockholm.

After a good dinner and some grooming we are heading to bed.

Early on Saturday morning and again we are preparing the dogs before we go down to the show. We live in the hotel next to the show which was very nice and made the trip so easy.

The day goes by and it's our turn to go into the ring. Sophie rocks the ring and wins the champion class. Then we are ready for the best bitch competition. Again sophie works as a hero and becomes the best bitch. We did it, Sophie qualified for Crufts and on top of that she got a new title and can now add Swedish Winner 2017 to her name.

So now we just had to apply for ATC number and then a small phone call to my dear friend if she still could bring Sophie.

It was absolutely amazing finally, the dream will come true and I will show my dear Sophie on the green carpet at the world's largest dog show.

2017 was a super year and we experienced so much. Now we are looking forward to a new and exciting year.

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